1. Please run for mayor Ayya, there’s already way too many of us here hehe!!! On a serious note, allow me to be cynical here. While it’s a nice campaign from a marketing point of view and the people behind look certainly well intentioned, I think the problem isn’t really about a lack of youth participation in these elections. A lot do, but they follow their herd and elect the candidates that have the Leader’s blessings. Maybe we should start with a campaign encouraging people to support those elected officials who actually get things done and work for the benefit of the community rather than just being of the right (political) colour.

  2. Dear ouss,
    the reason behind this campaign is exactly what you are asking for. it is mainly holding the officials responsible for their actions and try to create a positive change within local communities through either voting for candidates who have real platform (program) or run as individuals and try to live the change they/we are seeking….this might sound like poetry, but we have the right to dream at least and put some effort to make it happen…

    • Oussama! good to hear from you hehe ! no worries no plans to go to Canada, it was just a joke, although i did think of it a loooottt but i’m not really into paperwork and procedures! Anyway thanks for your feedback, but as explained by Omar, and at the contrary, Yalla961 campaign encourages youth by making them think program basis and follow up and communicate with the municipality to make sure “the program” is being worked on.. hence the phrase: Khallikon warahon, tati7assan 7ayetkon! it’s not follow them blindly, but making sure that those people they are voting for, are being held responsible towards their community by contstant follow up from us! 🙂

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