42 things to do before you die!

We’re all going to die, anytime any day, and this really freaks us out, but it’s this feeling that actually pushes us to live, to experiment, to go wild, to create, to discover, to write a blog, to travel, to change…
So I gathered here the TOP 42 things (randomly) to do before we die and to do it ASAP !:)

1-       Dive or surf

2-       Extreme sports: sky diving or bungee jumping

3-       Live like a local for at least a month. The experience of visiting native peoples will give you way more insight into another way of life than two years of country hopping.

4-       Find what’s your dancing style and learn to dance it properly

5-       Swim naked in the beach , return to an innocence and freedom of early childhood by growing beyond the self-censorship and the shame

6-       Learn a musical instrument

7-       Do a yoga/meditation retreat in India for at least 2 to 3 weeks

8-       Travel India by train

9-       Make love on a train

10-   Go on a hiking and trekking trip in Nepal, sleep in the villages and smoke up with the locals 😛

11-  Voluntter vacations are sometimes the best way to travel. They are perfect for singles because most of them are group trips ( I will write more about it soon on my blog)

12-   Swim with dolphins and whales

13-   Witness the grand migration safari of Wildlife Animal in Kenya

14-   Sleep by the sea or anywhere under the stars

15-   Attend at least 1 major sports event and a big huge rock concert

16-   Fall deeply and unconditionally in love

17-   Dance when no one is to a song you love (at the office, in a restaurant, on the street)

18-   Dance without being self-conscious in the pouring rain

19-   Act in a video (video clip, film, TV ad, home video etc..)

20-   Sing really lame, lousy and loud in a karaoke night

21-   Sing a song on a stage in front of an audience, or perform anything

22-   Go to Munick/Germany during Oktoberfest or the Love Parade

23-   Go wild in Rio de Janeiro carnival

24-   Spend New Year’s eve in an exotic destination

25-   Go on a European road trip backpacking and staying in hostels or families

26-   Ask someone you just met for a date

27-   Give a public speech

28-   Create your own website or blog

29-   Learn to bartend

30-   Raise a pet

31-   Jump into the sea from a high cliff

32-   Kiss someone you just met on a blind date or a stranger

33-   Eat everything you want, all day long for a whole day

34-   Do a big random act of kindness to a complete stranger

35-   Film a hilarious video, go viral with it and see how much viewers you get

36-   Cross a country by bicycle

37-   Set foot on each of the 7 continents so that you really call yourself a world traveller

38-   Go out wearing your pyjamas and slippers whether to work, for shopping or to a pub!

39-   Be part of a big parade

40-   Play poker all night long

41-   Learn to fly a plane

42- Try to catch as many sunrises and sunsets as you can!

What would you add to this list?


5 thoughts on “42 things to do before you die!

    – F* everything & everyone, get married to the one you love… Damn right, GET MARRIED IN VEGAS!
    – Be true & honest & blunt to ppl, it’ll make you feel better.
    – Work with kids for a month at least, they make you see things in a whole different pretty way!
    – Compose lyrics for a song, you’ll be impressed by how deep you can be & why not sing and record it 🙂

    Cheers 🙂

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