While this isn’t a new campaign, it’s still worth a mention: PETA’s Meat is Murder campaign done in New York City showing several volunteers lying naked in giant plastic wrapped meat trays, covered with fake blood.

Those activists wanted to demonstrate that all animals are just like us, are made of flesh, blood, and bones; that animals have the same senses and range of emotions as humans do; and that when you eat meat, you are actually eating a corpse, it’s as simple as that.

This is an amazing powerful activation stunt intended to shock people who take things for granted or choose to ignore it just for their own advantage because they are the “superior creature on earth” with the right to use everything around them at their own advantage (this myth is sadly highly derived from most religious teachings.)
I can never ever follow a religion that doesn’t include animals under its mercy, we’re all equal living creatures sharing the same planet together.

I tried so hard to explain and convince people why going vegetarian is an act of extreme nobility and righteousness, but I seem to never get to them because eating animals is like an incontestable universal truth about life!

I’m sure you’ve all seen couple of films about the truth behind processed meat and it’s not pretty. It’s one of those questionable things that you know about but don’t want to acknowledge:
In factory farms,  animals are overcrowded by thousands into disgusting windowless shacks, wire cages, and other captivity systems. These animals will never raise their families, root in the soil, build nests or do anything that is natural and important to them. They won’t even feel the warmth of the sun on their backs or breathe fresh air until the day they are loaded onto trucks bound for slaughter.

“Yet the farmed animals who are not protected from cruelty are no less intelligent or capable of feeling pain than are the dogs and cats we cherish as our companions. They are inquisitive, interesting individuals who value their lives, solve problems and experience fear and pain.”

Admit it and do something about it: the meat industry is really inhumane, not just from the suffering it causes to these poor animals, but also from a philosophical / ethical point of view, it’s just all WRONG.

Think of it that way: next time you look at a nice piece of meat and imagining how tasty it is, think what if it was a human flesh, would you still eat it or feel disgusted? Flesh is flesh, meat is meat, and in all cases it’s wrong because it’s murder.


6 thoughts on “MEAT IS MURDER

  1. I’m not commenting on your article, however I want to say that PETA are very extremist in their actions, and that’s a common criticism. To me, people tend to discredit themselves once they “quote” PETA. There are always better ways to educate people than harassing them and invading their spaces anytime they get the chance to.

  2. for this time I would have to disagree with you.
    I’m all for going vegetarian for the right reasons, but “meat means a dead animal” is not one. Just like you said in your first sentence, animals are like us, and in the animal kingdom, omnivores and carnivores are all over the place. A bear will eat fruits and vegetables all day long, but wouldn’t mind at all tearing you limb from limb to eat your delicious meat. I think crows are omnivores as well, so it’s not just a human thing.
    A good reason to turn vegetarian in my opinion is the way animals are being “grown” and the bad way they’re being treated. We’ve seen countless videos on the internet on how animals are treated with cruelty, and I’m 1000% against that! Even if we’re killing an animal to eat it, I believe that at the very least, while it’s still alive, we should treat it with respect and not act with our superiority complex.

  3. just to tease you a bit 🙂
    If humans eating animals is wrong, because the ideology says that humans and animals are alike, therefore humans should become vegetarian, right?
    so if animals are equal to humans, why don’t you apply the same “rule” to them? meaning why is it fine for animals to eat humans? even if they are not attacked by these humans?
    for example why would it be ok for a lion, tiger, crocodile … or any other carnivore to eat humans?

    hmm? why? aren’t animals the same as humans? 😉

    • just to tell you, animals don’t eat humans, they only attack because they think we are attacking them, they don’t eat humans but other animals, as most are carnivores, but its their nature, we have a choice and for the right reasons to be a vegetarian! also in the bible it states about the 7 days of creation animals came before us and that we should respect and look after them…doesn’t seem to be happing nowadays

      • The Bible also said that God is in control and he created everything for us to eat.(gen 9) We do not sacrifice animals like they did in the Old Testament. PETA would have a huge problem with that! The Bible continually shows us where God’s people ate meat.( Gen 18) God sent quail and manna to the Israelites while they were wandering the desert. Please do not pull the Creation out and apply it as God’s only word. He created man first, then animals. Not equal.

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