Allah Ya3tik!

I find them really funny those answers/solutions that people give to beggars when they are asking for money. For me, the funniest and most absurd answer of all is “Allah ya3tik!” (May God give you)
I really laugh when i hear people saying that! What does that mean?  Since when God is the money provider…
That person is begging for tangible money, not for spiritual help.
It probably belongs to the other nonsense sentences we use in our every daily lives without really thinking about it!
Really, it’s like a 17 years old teenager begging his father for an Ipad, and the answer he gets is: May Santa Claus get one for you! (and really thinking it…)

Maybe you can simply answer next time: find yourself a job…

Now I’m sure many of you feel the same way about beggars, you have mixed feelings about them: you don’t trust them yet you pity them, they disturb you and annoy you, but still you feel so bad when you close your car window and act as if they don’t exist.
You know that those beggars are innocents and suffer from society’s inequalities, that some are forced in to doing begging because our society fails in providing any good alternative to them, but you also know that some beggars are just out for easy money using kids and you do not want to encourage that, specially that it should be your lovely government who should find solutions to stop beggary.
Funny enough, you also know that some begging business make people artificially or really handicapped to get more money, and you also know that some police officers and doctors are helping them in all this. And finally because of the way we are cheated by the begging scams, even those who truly are in need of help are shunned away…

At the end, you just decide to ignore them, problem solved…
Or tell them “Allah ya3tik”, problem solved…
Or give them 500 lira or 1000 lira to appease your conscience because you can’t just walk away, problem solved…

We are not ready to recognize them nor to really help.
We should discourage giving money to the beggars otherwise, we will only be encouraging begging which will dissuade them from working.
And most urgently, we should do something for the kids, for the child beggars out there because they are being forced to live on the streets and really all they want is to escape their fate.

Those children begging in Lebanon’s streets, coming from all nationalities,  must be taken care of as well and obliged to go to schools and learn in a safe environment.
How can the government close its eyes on this matter, we are talking about the rights of children who deserve protection…those children are fearful and they get constantly beaten, abused or deported.
How to go about? Are NGOs doing anything about it? And if they are, I’m certain they are not really ACTIVE in this matter

Below are some real quotes by child beggars in Lebanon:

“I want to go to school, and I want to have friends who don’t want to steal the money in my pocket, I don’t want people yelling at me and running me over with their cars. I don’t want to beg and I really don’t want a beating every night. All I want is to be normal”

“Sometimes I’m so hungry but I am too scared to buy a sandwich because my father wants all the money I make, if he sees me eating he will beat me”

This is really heartbreaking – even for people who don’t have high sensitivity towards children.


2 thoughts on “Allah Ya3tik!

  1. I was in lebanon 2 months ago , and i didn really notice this problem their more than in Egypt (i am in Egypt ^_^ ) …
    i do think to solve a major big problem like this you need integration it’s like a government do something more to them ..and citizens help =D

    i hope it is really solved soon 😦 it is really breakhearting..and it destory the society ..

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