Magnificence of Lebanon’s Cedars

I used to find it funny how The Cedars, which is something belonging to the vegetable territory could be part of the cultural patrimony of Lebanon! It’s Lebanon’s national emblem and one of the most important element in our country’s national heritage.

But when I read more about it, I started to understand better why these trees were venerated:
The Cedars could be actually classified as an archeological monument:
 “The 400 Cedars of Becharreh are just as valuable historical remains as the ruins of Byblos, Baalbeck or Tyre.  What is more, they are still-living witnesses of the time when Hiram-Abi of Tyre built the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem.”

It’s really amazing how the Cedars of Lebanon (not just any Cedar) have been mentioned in so many religions and literatures. It’s truly an object of veneration and exaltation!
I came across a description from an Eastern author Lamartine who gave an amazing description of the Cedars:
The Cedars of Lebanon are the most famous natural monuments in the Universe. Religion, poetry and history have all celebrated them because of the reputation for magnificence and holiness that these prodigies of vegetation have enjoyed since the earliest antiquity …
These ancient witnesses of past ages know history better than does history itself …”

And for that, I had to pay a visit to the majestic Cedars of Bcharreh.
I’ve been there as a kid, but I barely remember anything about it and i had to see it now!
The sad thing is that these venerated cedars are very few today because they have been overexploited, but still their isolation gives them even greater majesty, evoking some awesome presence in the pure silence of the mountain peaks, standing strong under the snow cascades.

You can find here some pictures I took during this 1 day trip to see the Cedars, the pictures include:
the Cedars Natural Reserve – the village Bchareh – Qadisha Valley and a tiny part of the Grotto
I know i didn’t do enough justice to the cedars but I’m still an amateur photographer!
So if you’ve had enough from a crowded sunny day at the beach on a Sunday, head to the Cedars, it’s heavenly up there.


6 thoughts on “Magnificence of Lebanon’s Cedars

  1. “Vegetable territory” hehe! You’re so cute with words Aya.

    Cool pics, it’s a shame they don’t do more to replant these trees. They could easily plant millions each year if they use modern tree-planting techniques instead of the ceremonial “100 cedar trees planted under the patronage of his excellency the minister Abou 3aleh M2ambaz” propaganda I got used to seeing in Lebanon. Really it’s not that complicated. An experienced tree-planter here can plant about 10,000 trees alone each day!
    If only some progressive Lebanese young man or woman takes up this noble cause and promotes it to the audience at large. Hmm I think I know someone that might fit the bill 😛

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