The kid with intense eyes


People with intense eyes fascinate us, and what’s more fascinating is when the subject is staring back at us with such a powerful penetrating force that draws you to it. Some people might describe intense eyes when they are of a dark brown color or eyes that have an intimidating quality to them, but I think intense eyes doesn’t have to be related to color or shape, it could be just a result from an emotional intensity or eyes that are full of energy and determination.

You meet so many people during your lifetime, but one thing for sure is that you’ll always remember those with intense eyes because they leave an impact on you, they trigger your curiosity, and always leave you with a feeling of mystery. I felt all this when I encountered a unique kid with intense eyes last year when I was in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, in the middle of nowhere really, I’ll never forget these eyes. I don’t even know if the kid was a boy or a girl, but this gaze was so beautiful, so intense and so penetrating, that I decided to share with you today the two photographs I took.

You can’t imagine how many times, I’ve looked at them back and forth, and each time I’m left with increased intrigue. Do you feel the same?




4 thoughts on “The kid with intense eyes

  1. dangerous eyes…
    in those eyes relies all the story of good of evil… leaves me wondering if that intensity will evolve into kindness, love or destruction and hurt…
    makes me think of how precious are children, how big is the responsability of parents to educate, teach, handle and direct all the power of purity into goodness…
    great picture…u caught a bare human in the eye!

    • Thank you for your comment, i really enjoyed reading your thoughts about it – you were able to say so nice and clearly all the feelings i got that i couldn’t put in words nor identify!

  2. Whatever you wrote above is very true. You feel their gaze can see through you; as if your soul is visible to them.

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