Pass me the MARXY please!

Pass me the MARXY please! A must read for all smokers…


Isn’t it funny how a lighter, even though you buy it, doesn’t actually belong to you personally but also to all the smokers around you?
How many times did you carry lighters in your hand and had no idea where it came from, you don’t even remember if you bought it, if it belonged to a friend, if it’s an old found lighter, if it was a dead lighter that suddenly resuscitated and is working again ….The fact is, it doesn’t matter, a lighter belongs to any smoker. And if by mistake you see your lighter in the hands of someone else after you lost it for a week, you don’t ask back for it, you just smile to that person and say “Hey I think this lighter was with me!” and then reply to the person “no it’s ok keep it :)!” when trying to give it back to you.
A smoker who requests his lighter back is not a real passionate smoker deep inside, unless that person holds a sentimental value to that lighter…but in that case, my advice is don’t use it around, just keep it somewhere in your home → a smoker has the right to take any lighter that falls in his/her hands without being accused of stealing.

In fact, let’s just state that lighters have no property! Lighters are no ones’ or everyones’.
We also heard this from a smoker: “lighters shouldn’t be bought, but shared.” In fact this is a hardcore smoker who almost never bought a lighter for himself. The one time he was on the verge of buying one, he decided at the end not to buy it (as it’s against his principles) and search instead upside down, all over his car, hoping to find an old lighter hidden or thrown somewhere inside, until he did. Of course it was not in its full “health” but managed to beautifully fulfill its job to citizens and lit up the cigarette…

Funny thing though, it’s not about the cost since a lighter is very cheap, but it’s just against many smokers’ principles. It’s like making you pay to go to a public beach. Also remember back in the old times when our ancestors, millions of years ago, managed to make fire. At that time, there was evidence that these people started gathering and socializing around a camp fire! This might actually be an essential aspect of what makes us human. The same should go for the lighter fire, it’s there to serve all of us. So if we need to think practical nowadays societies, lighters should be placed inside buses like they do with condoms in third world countries, lighters should be placed in bars and coffee shops like they do with newspapers, lighters should be dangling from the ceilings like they would for laptops chargers plugs in libraries or universities.

Let’s not call it a ‘lighter’ anymore but ‘Marxy’. Maybe you already see where this is going, in case you don’t please read further for the explanation! As we thought and thought about this, it became clearer that the ex-lighter could easily fall under communism philosophy where everything is based on common ownership, where goods are equally shared by the people, where there is no such thing as private property. The ex-lighter is a survivor from communism, a thing that will hold true to its value no matter how societies change (in the eye of smokers of course). Hence the name Marxy actually…

Share this to all smokers you know and let’s spread the lighter Marxy theory. It deserves a name that fits its philosophy of life!

(this post is dedicated to my lovely Margherita as we shared this discussion together)



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