About AYSHFI mafi?

 I googled my name once, Aya Hibri
The only things i got were links to my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

What a shaaaaaammmmeeeeeeeeee i thought
The day i die someone will stand up and say, yes i knew Aya, she had an account on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn..

…. Hence the blog honestly
I can’t really define what the blog will be about
It will be hard to do so

Ayshfi will sum up everything on my mind, everything i see on the streets
Every situation that makes us laugh or cry or mad or sad
I will include things we all feel related to in some extent
All live from Lebanon.

No one might ever read my blog but at least, when i google my name
I’ll say yeeeyyy google recognizes me as someone who has actual content!



17 thoughts on “About AYSHFI mafi?

  1. OMG Ayaaaaa i never thought that u’ll have ure own blog!! i logged in fakarto chi new medium we can use for work :)))) so impressed…keep it up and if u need help with topic research let me know :))

  2. i really loved the picture of the girl squirting blood everywhere.. very touching and inspiring.. now i understand what girls go through..
    moreover, ayshfi is gna be hit! your gonna make hundreds and thousands of liras..

    • toessssssss hahaha, if u want there are even more pictures of that kind, actually one woman used to do paintings using her own mensrual blood! hehehe, im sure ull find that very touching and inspiring:P

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